Our adventure with dogs started when we bought a mongrel for our son, at present Figo is 11 years old and is a great companion to our Havaneses. We did not confine ourselves to this lovely mongrel. After the change of a dwelling-place, we moved away to the country, we bought Blacky – a sheep dog which is a devoted friend and the guardian of our house.

We have been thinking about setting up the kennel for a long time, after broad analysis of companion dogs we chose Havanese.  The breed, after closer examination, enchanted us. The dog is joyful and devoted, a great companion for kids, dog’s life and soul of the party.

The first Havanese was taken to our home at the end of 2009, we decided to buy more at a moment’s notice. At present our home, full of our dog friends, is teeming with life. We try to promote the Havanese breed in Poland taking active part in many purebred dog exhibitions in Poland and soon beyond the borders of our country. At our home kennel Havaneses are appreciated, loved and always close to us.

They are members of our family and our loyal companions.

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